19 responses to “WHICH IS WORST?”

  1. autodidactic

    Everybody likes surface to air missiles.

    1. dr_strych9

      I’m still trying to get the Golden Gate Height’s Residential Air Defense Collective organized, but the damned enviromentalists are worried that the SAM battery I want to install under the hilltop at Grandview Park will have a negative impact on the carefully tended and preserved indigenous flora collection.

      1. dr_strych9

        Please don’t hurt me, … the apostrophe was a typo.

  2. advorpt

    I can only pick one? Damn.

  3. springheel_jack

    Surface to air missiles rule, because they’re trying to shoot down the air. The surface hates the air.

    1. springheel_jack

      It hates the air’s freedom.

      1. mrhinelander


        Nice job. The world needs more funny people.

        1. kafkateer

          gasp a bewbie

          one wif bloo feets!

          1. mrhinelander

            Re: gasp a bewbie

            Thanks, how gracious. They are good animals, yes.

  4. nosrialleon


  5. handstil

    but oh brokencyde. :(

    1. mrhinelander

      Well observed, but…

      Yes, but…c’mon. Successful public relations directed against an entire class. I mean, missiles kill a bunch of people, all right. But nothing compared to mild depression in the middle/lower classes (car crashes, poor diet/exercise habits, etc.)

  6. besskeloid

    What the fuck’s a brokencyde?

    1. leolo

      A joke band.

  7. elserracho

    being available at hot topic puts brokencyde over the top. the same rule would apply to the missiles.

  8. feisty_robot

    lol you forgot Pinhead

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