3 responses to “Easier way to see who’s pro and con Prop 8”

  1. scythrop

    Oh, this is great, it’s like a 21st century Magna Carta. Just in the first two pages for my town I see three people I know from church — two guys in very long-term relationships who were married recently (not to each other) and a 94-year-old widow. Go Doris!

    If that wasn’t clear: all donated in opposition.

  2. all_unnecessary

    There’s an awesome Google spreadsheet of all Mormon donations to Pro-Prop 8 that you may have seen. Three Mormons in Santa Cruz donating a total of $61,000!


  3. tuliphead

    i donated two days ago; i’m not in there yet either! but i know someone who donated on the 17th and is in…

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