7 responses to “Stain, again.”

  1. besskeloid

    Such a big grin. Awww.

  2. pauldeman2pt0

    Cutest dog ever…

  3. handstil

    He’s starting to look like bob a little, something in the eyes. and i love it!

  4. hammaboo

    LOVE!!! Look at that doggy grin. I just want to scruff him between the ears.

  5. chthonicsiren

    Awww. Looks like a happy dude.

  6. mrsgreer

    Despite his calm cute demeanor, this dog scared the crap out of me yesterday. He is not very friendly, and he loves to herd children.

    But he and Bob are such a cute pair.

  7. kasheri

    I love these kinds of dogs because they are just nuts. Not in a “may kill me or lick me, I don’t know which” sort of a way but (although typically you don’t want to approach this sort of dog without a thorough introduction) rather in that insane amount of energy, enthusiasm, and scary smart sort of way. I’m glad your friend has such a fine companion!

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