13 responses to “I think it’s getting heavy at Intuit”

  1. turnip

    I don’t have the background, but I think I have the drive.

    1. sp0rk0

      Me too, me too!

  2. snuh

    After enduring years of crying from friends that worked there, I would suggest blocking all Intuit emails.

  3. nightynight

    Jesus Christ. Imagine the boardroom table conversation that resulted in that sentence.

    If I met an entrepreneurial zealot I’d punch him/her in the teeth.

  4. violet_fade

    I love Frank Frazetta!I used to do drawings in my art lessons based off of his stuff. This particular one brings back memories of taking lessons with a family friend back in high school. The detail that goes into his work is astonishing. Thanks for posting this!

  5. tuliphead

    someone’s taking their “headhunter” title a little too literally.

  6. gths

    Actually I think one of my ancestors got a pardon with the First Fleet to Sydney Cove when he agreed to be the ship’s executioner.

    So I might have the right background!

  7. rpkrajewski

    The best part is ripping out the hearts of your acquisition target’s owners while they are still alive, and hearing the lamentations of their women.

  8. manoman

    “relentless executioners drive” . I love it. There must be a better word than this:-).

  9. besskeloid

    That recruiter’s flirting with disaster.

  10. vanmojo

    Where was this, Mordor Times classifieds?

    “Wanted, Witch King, must be willing to cover earth in darkness and crush the free people of middle earth beneath your hideous boot. Must be organized, giant flying lizard handling a plus, type 70 wpm minimum. Salary depends on degree of experience. Barad Dur is an EOE (Evil Opportunity Employer) company. Send resume, salary requirements. No Recruiters, please.”

    mojo sends

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