8 responses to “it’s okay, it’s okay. it’s okay?”

  1. jpeace

    Completely OT:

  2. scythrop

    This is refreshing even second-hand.

    (And I know what you mean about this being like the early ’90s! Must keep reminding myself that we got through that, we will get through this. It’s hard.)

    1. firepower

      Remember prop 187? And Rodney King? And everything else Falling Down came from?

  3. hepkitten

    my dad is pretty anti-gay and even he is voting no on prop 8. he said the same thing, why do christians care if the gays arent going to their church?

  4. handstil

    I keep trying to find your bar but I keep getting cut off by Hummers with McCain stickers on them.

  5. threepunchstuff

    Heaven or not, it’s bad form for the hostess to preparest a table in the presence of thine enemies.

  6. klikitak

    I loved this entry. Makes me miss all of you guys in OC.


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