18 responses to “This is our last dance, this is ourselves.”

  1. snuh

    I’m working on a post of clapping songs, this is part of it.

  2. nosrialleon

    Serious Mighty690 action for me…

  3. scythrop

    Miller’s Outpost! A nearly-forgotten piece of my VA-CA-VA-CA coastal ping-pong. Were there faux-rustic wooden rails or something? 1980 was my userpic date; not sure where in the Galleria my cape came from.

    This song is closely held, never-forgotten, and given love, of course.

    1. handstil

      There were rustic wooden rails. I remember hanging on them for hours while my mom and aunt shopped for bolero ties.

  4. nightynight

    I am ALL OVER Bowie’s Low album right now. I practically gasp at how much I love it.

  5. dreamyshade

    tangentially related

    this morning at 9:15 i was walking to class in the too-bright sunshine and i had to scurry past the local sandwich shop (where sandwiches are an excuse for selling beer) as it blasted “space oddity”. brain-hurty context mismatch!!!!

  6. rpkrajewski

    Heard it on the radio the other day…

    It’s surprisingly dark. I guess Vanilla Ice use of the song distracted us from that.

  7. turnip

    I liked that song a lot more when I was 17 and under comparatively little pressure.

  8. defenestr8r

    woah. flashback. miller’s fucking outpost. gah. some things. like leggings, are best left in the past!

  9. gostargo

    in 10th grade i bought my boyfriend anchor blue cologne for his birthday from that millers outpost. they still have a retail location in lake tahoe. go figure.

    1. klikitak

      Remember the one pair of jeans in there that were like…78 x 30? My friends Tiffany, Lisa and I all got inside them one day.

      Then we walked over to Taco Bell and drank a bottle of Robitussen to get loaded. Was I supposed to make a reference to David Bowie somewhere in here? I lose :(

  10. leolo

    Songs in stores

    The first I heard Laurie Anderson /From the Air/, I was in Excalibur comic book store in Montreal. Back when Excalibur was a bunch of boxes on the carpetted floor of someone’s ill-lit front room. The music was loud (for a store) and distracting. How could I concentrate on X-Men and Warlord back-issues when this weird awsome pulsing sound was demanding my attention?

    I was there with my older brother, who wasn’t into “strange” music like I was. We giggled about “there is no pilot” for years afterwards.

    A few years back, I got my hands on a near-mint vinyl of “Big Science.” I don’t think I’d heard /From the Air/ in 20+ years since but I was instantly transported back to that small store.

    Like a ‘Nam flashback, only without being shot at.

  11. kasheri

    Miller’s Outpost was definitely my back-to-school store of choice. I was always impressed by my Mom’s ability to go the distance shopping with me despite the music playing that I know frayed her nerves. I hope that I will one day have as much on the ball when it’s my turn to be the grown-up thinking, “Do they have to play it so loud? It’s a store, not a rave…”

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