7 responses to “outsider political apparel ’08”

  1. odradak

  2. slutbunwalla

    Awesome-sauce! That is truly hideous and the comment thread entertaining. Thanks!

  3. snuh

  4. autodidactic

    Pink is hanky code for dildo-fucker/dildo-fuckee, depending on side worn.

    I guess if you’re wearing it on your head, you must like it in the mouth.

  5. autodidactic

    oh and

    The drama llama has taken a massive crap alllll over that comments section.

  6. sveltelife

    I found the comment thread to be depressing and not funny. maybe I read the wrong ones.

  7. catamorphism

    Those comments are great. Apparently now there’s a “right” to be “free” from “political crap” being mentioned in one’s presence.

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