A bad vacation with John McCain

“It was not our intention, but it was our misfortune to be in close quarters with John McCain for almost a week.”

Please enjoy this account of a vacation week in Fiji totally ruined by the presence of the Republican candidate for the Presidency. Christ, what an asshole:

I looked him in the face and said, “Yes, you are the biggest asshole I have ever met” and headed back to my cabin.

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  1. kasheri

    I found this both fascinating and believable, until she quoted his comments pertaining to his adopted child. I am dubious that he would refer to the child repeatedly as a “thing.” Do you think this is a true account? I wonder of Snopes has gotten wind of it…

    1. caladri
      1. kasheri

        Thanks! Obviously, I should have looked it up myself, but it’s so much easier just to type and type and type whatever the hell I feel like.

        1. caladri


  2. manoman

    This has not been proven to be true (or false):

    1. maps_or_guitars

      Though it would fit with reports of his erratic temper and other assholery (called his wife a what?)

      Not that I’d vote for him if he farted rainbows.

  3. handstil


    I have nothing of any interest to say here except, I BELIEVE IT.

  4. dmlaenker

    “Oh no, it’s not bad, you’re very strong, very *HUSKY!!!!!*”

    When I got to the part where he started going on about Southeast Asian women, I couldn’t help but think of Margaret Cho.

  5. djfntstque

    well duh. Why else would he have such a strong distaste for ethanol?

  6. pbd


    yeah, I am curious to see if this is all true. Even if it is partially true, that is some pretty messed up stuff. What I suspect is that some words were changed to make it more damaging, i.e. “thing” instead of “kid” and “nuke” instead of “bomb”. It is hard to believe, but not impossible to make the leap, that he did use these words. In either case, I do believe that he would tell people that they are fat and to stop eating pancakes. One definition of character that I like to aspire to is “character is what you are like when people are not watching”.

    As a Republican, I am really torn about this election. There is a lot I HATE about both candidates. So, I am going to have to rank my hate categories for each and then tally up a score. Whoever I hate less gets my vote.

    On the other side, I am sure that Obama probably had some colorful conversations at the dinner table with his pastor…ok colorful is probably a bad choice of words for this example. See, it can happen to anyone.

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