8 responses to “Delicious LiveJournal Links for 9-29-2008”

  1. wholesomedick

    I love your livejournal like a milkshake.

  2. alfaguru

    It’s astonishing to me that web application developers have seemingly only just discovered queueing. To say it’s not new is something of an understatement, as job scheduling goes back to the earliest days of commercial computing.

    PHP is not the language I’d choose to implement a queueing system in, nor would I trumpet reinventing the wheel so loudly. But I guess Flickr can afford the overheads.

  3. kafkateer

    i have the best stories

    about growing up in the AoG. a truly marvelous bunch of people!

    did you know that i didn’t listen to pop music until after i ran away from home? SIXTEEN, dude. no popular music (other than in public venues my parents couldn’t control, such as the soundtrack at the mall, or places i snuck out to with friends like a depeche mode concert in ’88) until i was sixteen. truly awesome. ALSO I KNO 4 A FAKT: the founding fathers were all christians, AND AND AND carbon dating is provably false AND lucy (the hominid) was a “monkey an atheist buried in his back yard.”

    ho ho ho, good times old chap!


    PS all your other links are fabulous and i completely agree with the (mildly voyeuristic) point of the post abt. trains and what you get to see from them.

    1. eyeteeth

      Re: i have the best stories

      zomg i din no u were trommatized in these xtian wayz. im puttin this info in my dossiay on u kthx.

      1. kafkateer

        Re: i have the best stories

        ask me about how the sisters of perpetual indulgence once picketed my church and pretended to marry each other in the parking lot!

        is it can be tiem for ghey wedings naow plees? man it was awesome! i was enthralled! who were these nuns in make-up with mustaches and leather outfits?

        OR instead you can ask me about MOTHERS’ DAY and what being a christian woman truly is!



  4. klikitak

    Will Midnight Munchies deliver to the patio???????

  5. dr_strych9

    Shorter How Wall Street Lied To Its Computers: “Garbage In Garbage Out.”

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