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  1. besskeloid

    Great evocative post, Conrad. If only this sentence:

    It’s less stressful and less wasteful than driving, and safer.

    hadn’t set off this chewn:


  2. dmlaenker

    Thank you.

  3. dreamyshade
  4. fweebles

    The first time I visited LA (2001), I flew in and got the usual tourists’ tour, which was good and all.

    The second time (2003), I was on Amtrak, coming from Florida. We’d been on the train for like three days, woke up somewhere around Indio at dawn and watched out the window as we slowly creeped from the desert into the city. It was as you said — tiny homes crammed up against the rail line, rail sidings full of industrial equipment. It seemed weird; I’d never really thought about traditional industry in Southern California before that.

  5. hepkitten


    also yay for union workers. so many upper middle class white people do not understand why the blue collar class is so pro union. im glad to see that you aren’t one of the union haters.

  6. ahhhlisaaah

    I wish everyone flocking to Los Angeles to experience nirvana could read your piece. Everyone wants immediate gratification without having to work for it – somehow people feel entitlement without having to show any effort. Every great city has a backstage, as you say. It needs to be honored before we claim any right to enjoy it.

  7. sooz

    i always take the train south, not north.. and the south trip is like the most amazing coastlines in CA :P

  8. georgia1313

    Thanks for reminding me of this. I remember these scenes from my childhood, peering out the window from the backseat of a giant Olds. These glimpses into people’s lives always fascinate me.

  9. claudelemonde

    awesome. i sometimes take metro from LB to LA, and i’m pretty familiar with a lot of downtown etc. but i don’t otherwise get that look at s. central. it’s pretty moving (i hope that is not imperialistic to say)

  10. srl

    Thank you. I’m about to take the fairly prosaic Northeast Corridor trains from Boston to DC, then to Richmond, and back in 3 weeks. I love train travel, though I do wish long-distance sleeper cars were more affordable.

  11. hotelsamurai

    Dude, thank you. I’ll have to ride the train and see what you saw.

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