I have returned from New York.

I am tired and not very writey, so no summary except it was a very good trip, just too short.

How are you all?

12 responses to “back”

  1. becauseshewas

    Welcome back!
    The internet missed you.

  2. mcfnord

    chillin. keepin it real.

  3. besskeloid


    I’m resting easy, & waiting for my Wednesday night out with kinky people.

  4. king_felix

    I’ve smoked 14 cigarettes in the last two and a half hours — that’s how I am.

    I’d say, “welcome back,” except I’m in Florida, which means you’re not back at all.

  5. trinnit

    the cheese-fest just wasn’t the same.

  6. frobisher

    Sorry we didn’t meet up while you were here. Another time perhaps.

  7. hersheyjumper

    Much better now, thank you for asking :)

  8. halfjack

    I need a huge cigar and a quart of scotch.

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