10 responses to “FLASHBACK FRIDAY: images I have posted on LJ”

  1. handstil

    hahaha, the kinkade carrie. LOLZ, Nevar Forget.

  2. turnip

    haha surface to air account notations. That was so great.

  3. besskeloid

    1. handstil


    2. threepunchstuff

      If lols were nickels I would be Scrooge McDuck.

    3. nosrialleon

      Trujillo looks like he would rather be back gang-banging…

    4. tuliphead

      by grapthar’s hammer, what a savings.

    5. besskeloid


  4. klikitak

    Craig from OC mattress! “I have yellow teeth!” I’ll pay anyone who can find that clip…

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