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  1. Anonymous

    T. Boone Pickens is the new Crassus

    Not to be overly contrarian but for most people the economy comes first.

    CAVEATS: True, the shit economy has been exacerbated by war-chest fat cats rattling more than sabers in this pointless war. True, the damage, physical and psychological, to the troops and families of the troops and the resultant strain on an already overburdened and underfunded health care system is going to cause rippling shockwaves to productivity and prosperity. True, the resulting windfall from our weakness is allowing China and Russia to eat our lunches in resource rich areas and drive the price of food, fuel and goods higher and higher.

    But the fact is that given a choice between ending the war quickly and fixing the economy slowly, versus fixing the economy quickly and ending the war slowly, most people will act in self-interest and pick the latter, even though it can’t really be done unless we resort to individual legionnaires plundering their way back to the Urb.

    1. catamorphism

      Re: T. Boone Pickens is the new Crassus

      Most people are assholes. Your point?

      1. Anonymous

        Re: T. Boone Pickens is the new Crassus

        Pick one of the following:

        – Telling assholes a prescriptive, and correct, statement, will generally lead to disappointment, so don’t bother.

        – Telling assholes a prescriptive, and correct, statement, will work if you shout louder, harder, more passionately, with better rhetoric and oratory, so try harder.

        I don’t know which one will work in this case.

        1. catamorphism

          Re: T. Boone Pickens is the new Crassus

          The truth of the statement is a separate matter from the effectiveness of strategies for persuading people of its truth.

          1. Anonymous

            Re: T. Boone Pickens is the new Crassus

            Guh bluh duh noises can be forgiven. It’s an especially numbing-through-irritation election cycle this year. Insert capitalism/capsaicin play on words.

  2. troymccluresf

    It’s the war. Nothing comes before stopping it.


  3. eamajyn


  4. rpkrajewski
  5. handstil

    I think a lot about this war we’re in since E was born, especially. I think a lot of people are starting to forget. The economy, the environment, this buttlips of a VP nom., etc. is all just fodder to get people to feel passionate about voting, at this point.

    I am obviously not worried about my vote, or California, but I want there to be record breaking numbers. I want these fuckers to cry themselves to sleep.

  6. leolo

    War on Drugs

    Your country has been at war since… 1971. Maybe the home front is a bit weary?

  7. elserracho


    did you know that john mccain was POW??

    1. jpeace

      Re: PSST

      9/11? 9/11.

    2. leolo

      Re: PSST

      POW is like being in prison, right? Maybe an ex-con isn’t the best idea to have as a president.

    3. drieuxster

      Re: PSST

      but was that because he failed to register to have working papers before he went to north vietnam.

      we too are tough on people who illegally enter america, so you may want to think about why you hate america before advocating McCain’s Draft Dodging Hiding Out in the HanoiHilton while great war heroes like Karl Rove were keeping the Dirty Stinking Hippies from destroying our white christian america…

  8. smallstages

    I am so in agreement with you. Words cannot convey …

  9. dr_strych9

    Remember the famous words of Uncle Arlo, who said, “If you want to end the war and stuff, you’ve got to sing loud!”

  10. drieuxster

    when did which war start?

    The absurdity is that the folks who want to beleive that we are more at war than we had been under clinton, do not want to look at the authorization process that they want to believe indicated that the nation went to war….

    So clearly the first problem is establishing ‘what war?” and how would we know we were in it, or out of it…

  11. baconmeteor

    To me it has always been an occupation. War implies some kind of actual threat and organized military opposition. I was surprised to see you refer to either Afghanistan or Iraq as wars in this post since in my experience it’s propagandists on the right (and major media outlets, for some reason) who favor the phrase in order to justify doing various inexcusable things here at home. Anyway someone please SMS me when the Iraqi tanks roll in to Oakland and I will gladly change my mind.

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