16 responses to “Area Mad Scientist Woman Becomes Fuzzball”

  1. __procession


  2. miss_geek

    she does bald well.

  3. momokeen

    i don’t think i looked as good when i did it.

  4. handstil

    She is revealed! loves it.

  5. eyeteeth


  6. pauldeman2pt0


  7. klikitak

    Nice! And yes, I had to lol at Jason looking like a deer in headlights in the corner.

    1. besskeloid

      He looks kind of like Scott Thompson from the Kids in the Hall.

      That’s a perfect crop job.

  8. mrsgreer

    Poor Jason, but yeah i guess it looks pretty good. I’ll be around the coffeeshop today for those of you who wish to pet me.

    1. klikitak

      and tomorrow? you guys want to get dinner?

      1. mrsgreer

        Sure, we are going to a bbq at 4 though. So we can meet up later for dinner, or grab some coffee.

        I cant wait to hear about school!!!!

        1. klikitak

          Sure! I’ll call you or you call me.

    2. loose_joints

      Damn it! I wish to pet you. Sooooo fuckin cute!!!!!!

      1. mrsgreer

        I feel so good!!!!!!

  9. inobetter


    nice head

  10. stimps

    Cute?! Gorgeous. Sure, I have a penchant for baldness of all types, but this is the best I’ve seen recently. Yay! =)

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