10 responses to “You have to understand. It was a different time.”

  1. Anonymous

    Available for sale at the PBS store, too!


  2. momokeen

    After each disapproving “Forget it, Jake” statement she stopped and pursed her lips like a high school assistant principal announcing detention.

    your analogies are the best, and your posts are always a good source of entertainment. :) <3

    1. microbie

      This one was my favorite: “A terrible constipated straining at the toilet of ivory tower liberalism.”

  3. Anonymous

  4. florence_craye

    That wikipedia article has managed to make a very funny Monty Python sketch sound horrible. Why even bother trying to describe it?

    I greatly enjoyed your recap of the whole horrible Butte disaster. Enjoy it, kids! lol

  5. springheel_jack

    Awful, wow. Very reminiscent of the old negro space program.

  6. turnip

    I actually want to watch this now. But I don’t want to have to pay for it.

  7. Anonymous

    “Ken Burns has ruined documentary filmmaking?” the same way that Britney Spears ruined pop music, right? because she had a few big hits, and thereafter, nobody made any other kind of music.

    i know i should ignore idiots like you, but every now and then i can’t resist.

  8. skepticle

    I couldn’t even finish the whole list, laughing too hard.
    But you know, that’s the way things go in Butte.
    *furious lip persing*

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