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  1. handstil

    I am working on about 4 hours of sleep here but WHAT? I don’t even get it. That’s John McCain’s website? WTFWTFWTF? Professional! 0,o

    1. dmlaenker

      Go to wecanbelievein.com and you can change the sign text up to be whatever you like.

    2. flipzagging

      It seems that the site was registered by this guy, a teenager in Connecticut.

      Dunno if it’s pro- or anti-Obama, and it doesn’t really matter. The ads are all from the McCain campaign, but that could just be Adsense at work.

  2. dmlaenker

    Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Towards Freedom

  3. jpeace


  4. studeronomy

    I am so drunk, but I love Obama and what the hell, okay yeah, he’s probably an asshole just like anyone from chicago but fuck chicago, it’s a big city I dunno, I’m a drunk from Iowa but this wouldn’t have happend without Iowa, I dunno. go OBAMA!!!!

  5. chthonicsiren


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  7. nosrialleon


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  9. seriesfinale

    Too much fun

  10. pbd

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