17 responses to “Entertainment News From All Over: BROMANCE!”

  1. eyeteeth

    This has got to be deliberately homoerotic because girls like the man-on-man, right? To facilitate slashfic and so on? Only it has to be thinly veiled as not gay? That’s all I can come up with. Except for “No” and “Start the reactor.”

  2. Anonymous


    We can add an entirely new dimension of humor by leveraging the host of hit reality game show Deal or No Deal, Howie Mandel, and re-branding the series MANDEL BRO.

    Well, a partial dimension anyway.

  3. threepunchstuff

    If you turned your speakers up, you could almost hear Powerpoint begging to crash.

  4. tinymammoth

    I think I had better read The Republic now to make up for this, just to keep Western Civilization in barely breathing condition.

  5. nosrialleon

    I feel stupider just knowing this exists

    1. tuliphead

      your icon wins.

  6. springheel_jack

    who the fuck is brody jenner

  7. jpeace

    Throughout the series, the pool of “bros” gets smaller as contestants get eliminated into the “Hot Tub Elimination Ceremony,” where rejected ‘bros’ will be asked to leave the bachelor pad, dripping wet, wearing a swimsuit with luggage in hand.

    Genius. America’s Next Top Emasculation.

    I hope they have a pee-shy-off where they all stand in front of giant piss trough. Last one to let loose loses.

  8. fattmike

    I was SO in till we got to: High-End Automotive Vehicles Requested

    Then again, me skydiving into Las Vegas would create Area 52, so it’s better off I don’t apply.

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