6 responses to “Advertising notes from all over”

  1. troymccluresf

    In a 30 second radio pitch you can be dragged from “Spring is almost here” to “complete garage door service only $169.95.”

    The verbal somersaults made by radio commercials during baseball games are amazing.

    “Hey, Giants fans! Don’t you just love the smell of the grass, the crack of the bat, the red stitches on the ball? Well you can get your own red stitches this weekend during Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s summer curtain sale…!”

    1. kellyramsey

      Just arrived in the mail from Ralph’s:

      “We Latinos are famous for our celebrations as part of our Hispanic heritage. And Palmolive Fresh Green Apple dish liquid leaves everything so clean and sparkling, it makes you feel like celebrating! Its fresh aroma has been famous in our kitchens for many years. With Palmolive Fresh Green Apple, there’s always a reason to celebrate!”

  2. kasheri

    Wait, aren’t you a busy mom?

    1. eyeteeth

      He’s the laziest damn mom I ever saw, frankly.

      1. mcpino

        lazy does not equal not busy.

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