32 responses to “You’re going downtown, kid. Then we’ll all listen.”

  1. gillen

    Anyone who can seriously compare annoying buzzing sounds to drugs has been doing the wrong damn drugs. This is the sort of ignorant shit that DARE leads to.

    1. chadwickgutorm

      It has now been revealed that George Lucas has an idea to make more Indy films with Mutt as the lead character.

  2. etb


    … worry …

    … ?

    … ridiculous … so-called … supposedly … allegedly … allegedly … purport to … supposedly … purportedly … sexual … heaven and hell … suggests … could … worry … Some sites say … drugs … drugs … dangers … culture … drugs

  3. djshiva

    OMGz0rz…people are doing stuff to their brainz with musikz.

    holy crap. we are just beyond the realm of paranoid stupidity, aren’t we?

    don’t worry miss “newswriter”. more kids are listening to utterly shite pop and rap than anything else. they will stay stupid so as not to cause worldwide panic amongst people dumb enough to think making your brain do new things is bad.

  4. yoscott

    I tried the iDoser thing… i listened to some white noise on headphones for about 45 minutes. then I fell asleep, and had what felt like a seizure in my sleep followed by a brief moment of sleep paralysis.

    I will not be trying it again!

    1. maps_or_guitars

      Maybe the fifth of well whiskey you had first might explain that.

      1. yoscott

        nah, couldn’t be. my Whiskey comes from Canada, eh

        1. maps_or_guitars

          And yet you seem to be bragging about this.

          1. yoscott

            yes, because Crown Royal Special Reserve is very tasty whiskey.

          2. maps_or_guitars

            Are you kidding me? I respect the rye to a degree which may in fact be diagnosable. There is a nearly empty bottle of the Old Overholt on my shelf which is screaming, begging me to be put out of its misery.

            It might just make a Manhattan.

      2. newtondelph

        Maybe that’s your first clue you’re starting in the wrong place. Go slop down some egg nog if that’s your thing.

        1. maps_or_guitars

          Egg nog? Ah no.

    2. perich

      Link please.

      1. switchstatement


        this is supposed to be all of them. they even have a viagra song. SCIENCE.

        1. besskeloid

          Cue Andy Bell: Bluuuuuu-uuuuee Viagra song…

  5. planetdracula

    I have a light and sound machine and I enjoy it

  6. maps_or_guitars

    Oh for fuck’s sake.

  7. perich

    Dr. Nicholas Theodore, a brain surgeon at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, said there is no real evidence that idosers work.

    That’s a good deep burial on that lede, but it really could’ve been deeper. Try a little harder next time, mainstream media!

  8. switchstatement

    man that is the most sensationalist thing i’ve ever read. i expect, “oh no satanic terrorists are putting lsd in temporary tattoos and they might be raping YOUR CHILD next!!” from local media, but national stuff is on it now, too? why are they always trying to scare parents with absurd stories?

  9. pauldeman2pt0

    You owe me a credit.

    You ganked this straight from my LJ yesterday.


  10. catamorphism

    What happens if you play one backwards?

  11. jpeace

    I ignored this because I had no idea what kind of meta-satire musichead shit you were talking about. Then someone sent me the USA Today link and my skull was bleached on the inside from the super duper uuper stupid happening.

    She really thought she was jumping the curve on this one. Damn.

  12. comandanteagi

    where can I find such music? tell me now!

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