6 responses to “Today’s Unsurprising Costa Mesa news”

  1. maps_or_guitars

    Me? Nosirofficersir, I didn’t see nothin’. Jes’ over here, drinking my beer and minding my own business.


  2. handstil

    oh man, I have had some seriously unsavory times at Tony’s Place.

  3. joyfulagitator

    I knew Chris

    I saw this and called the bartender at Tony’s to find out what happened. The reason no one saw anything is because there was no fight. The guy just whacked Chris across the back of the head with a pool cue and everyone turned around when the heard a loud whack sound. He immediately lost consciousness fell to the floor. Blood was flowing out of his ears. This guy was so fucking crazy that he walked back up to the bar and sipped on his drink and giggled to himself until the cops got there. No one had ever seen him in there before. Chris is in critical condition and lapsing in and out of consciousness.

  4. Bob

    William Marsh works for a towing company called Dedicated Transportation Services in Garden Grove now. He grabbed my car at a property that I parked just for a minute while I dropped my groceries off in my apartment and he swooped in and grabbed it. He got out of his truck and starting yelling at me and bumping his chest onto mine. What a crazy psycho! Beware of this guy! And a company knowingly hires a guy like this is just as bad in my opinion! What other dangerous people work there? And they come onto my property?

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