8 responses to “I have nothing to say so here is a ridiculous short video”

  1. burningskyz


    I think I’m mostly in shock due to the absurd length of that video. and his face. obviously.

  2. miss_geek

    i think his target audience is nine year olds because dasan was HYSTERICAL.

    while i sat next to him perplexed.

  3. mcpino

    It always sounds better in our own heads.

  4. jpeace

    My overall sense of enchantment is going to hinge entirely on the size of his penis. First guess: Fred Astaire of the 21st century.

    1. eyeteeth

      I’d hit it.

  5. elserracho

    he’s quite good


  6. kasheri

    I am mystified as to why this did not conclude with him keeling over due to hyperventilation.

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