futons, originally uploaded by mannydiller.

Manny Diller is the master of suburban despair. I can’t get enough of his photos.

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  1. odradak


  2. ortho_bob

    What do they sell?

    1. fattmike

      Parking spaces :D

  3. rpkrajewski


  4. microbie

    Imagine being that poor little tree.

  5. cordiloquy

    Good stuff. Kind of reminds me of Lewis Baltz.

  6. eris_devotee

    Western suburbia is so much creepier than midwestern suburbia (which is way way creepy)… the lack of trees & green makes it all look even more desolate. (I looked through Manny’s photos). There’s a lot less pavement in the midwest – to make room for the grass.

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