10 responses to “The Swiss Cheese Falcon”

  1. hydrozoa

    the swiss cheese falcon!

  2. daisyhunter

    I know I’ve seen swiss cheese recently?

  3. mendel


  4. brianenigma

    All you need is some muenster and a small round cookie cutter. Wait, no, muenster is too soft. Hmmm… so is havarti. And gouda only seems to come in wheels. And romano is too hard. Okay, I give up. I’m not sure how to fake it.

    Oh! Provolone may work! Oh, and skip the cookie cutter and go straight for the 12-gauge of buckshot.

    I can’t say I’ve noticed any sort of shortage up here, but then I can’t say I’ve looked. We were at Trader Joe’s yesterday and went straight for the blocks of parmesan. Before that, it was a couple of weeks since we went grocery shopping anywhere besides the asian market (which does not, as I recall, stock cheese.)

  5. fattmike

    Perhaps the Swiss have taken sides, and not with us?

    Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

  6. king_felix

    Speculation on Swiss cheese futures have driven prices through the roof. Regular supermarkets aren’t carrying them right now ’cause they know customers wouldn’t be able to afford it.

  7. snuh

    The Cheese Men of Flanders have captured the world’s supply of Swiss Cheese with no intention of letting any go.

    Ween: Where’d The Cheese Go?

  8. besskeloid

    Baby, baby, where did our cheese go?

    I’ve got some Jarlsberg here. It’s not Helveticish, but there’s plenty of holes in it. Wish I could send you some.

  9. klikitak

    Could some large distributor be on strike?

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