9 responses to “Encounters at the End of the World”

  1. dorothy_parka

    oh, i saw this! it’s really good. fun, sad, weird

  2. __procession

    hmm, interesting. i won’t be able to see it soon, but maybe i’ll go later this summer (after the move/class). is it playing at the laemmle or the rialto?

  3. sooz

    im totally in.. tmw?

  4. nightynight

    Go! I loved it!

  5. planetdracula

    Saw this movie at the doc film fest here earlier this year. Won’t give any report other than to say when you see the one sequence that floored everybody, you’ll know.

  6. kraq

    That’s 2 blocks from my house, if you haven’t gone yet, I’d be happy to join you! At the very least Marie and I would like to see you again!

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