4 responses to “let us now praise famous foods”

  1. besskeloid

    Eat an onion? Are you pregnant?

  2. handstil

    I hated onions so much until I was about 29 that I used to say i was allergic to them so that there would be no accidental stray onion on my dinner plate. Recently, I have started making my own curries and thus, a beautiful friendship (Mmmmm, friends) has begun. I still don’t go for raw white onion but I love some sauteed yellow or fresh red. I can’t believe I snubbed them for so long.

  3. eyeteeth

    homph homph genus Allium

  4. dreamyshade

    luminous flask,
    your beauty formed
    petal by petal,
    crystal scales expanded you
    and in the secrecy of the dark earth
    your belly grew round with dew.

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