12 responses to “do not enter”

  1. maria_sputnik


  2. fattmike

    Small snakes and stable ground allowed?

  3. handstil

    I am very careful when I enter the big snakes tho.

  4. odradak

    Man, all we have here are squirrels and dead volcanoes.

  5. nebris

    I want one that says, “Big Snakes and Unstable Personalities”.


  6. eyeteeth

    I think there are parts of my brain that have this sign outside them.

  7. kennfusion

    This is really funny on my friend’s page right next to Hil’s Snakes on a Head posting.

  8. nosrialleon

    Could be worse

    Could be “big ground and unstable snakes”

  9. loose_joints

    That is not a warning. That is a sign to tell you where the party is!

  10. mightywings

    This sign is such an invitation. Really, though, there’s only a probability of big snakes, since they do move.

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