6 responses to “Goddamnit.”

  1. do_not_lick

    I hear there’s a good sangoma in Aliso Viejo, too.

  2. besskeloid

    Aw man. Hope that horrible stuff’ll be relieved soon. Oh, & glad the Trout’s alright.

  3. handstil

    I was going to ask the same. The chiro I’m seeing (in westcliff) is a sports injury therapist and her whole team of people kick some ass. I went from feeling like a pile of ground beef to a whole cow in about two weeks. WHAT AN ENDORSEMENT.

    Seriously, she is good.

  4. eyeteeth

    Aw, that stinks, I’m sorry. Hope you get another relieving pop soon.

  5. fattmike

    Sorry, man… I know how bad it sucks. And suck it does :(

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