Turtle Attacks Strawberry!

The happy vegetarian of the day.

9 responses to “Turtle Attacks Strawberry!”

  1. miss_geek

    cute overload!!!

  2. annie_r

    A friend of mine used to work at a zoo, and she loved feeding the turtles – she said they were so happy to get all kinds of stuff. I think that look is just what she meant.

  3. djshiva

    OMG i needed the smile this brought. :)

  4. violet_fade

    This is now my desktop :)

  5. sakkaranoush


  6. createdestiny

    That is freakin’ awesome.

  7. ashleyisdumb

    That is the happiest turtle I have ever seen.

  8. tea_cantata

    Adorable. You can just hear the (implied) “Om nom nom nom!”

  9. kasheri

    Thank God it’s a strawberry, otherwise the red stains on the grass and that mad-eyed little prehistoric creature would be truly disturbing.

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