11 responses to “ITEMS!”

  1. turnip

    what was the rest of NASA’s email? was it all like, “J/K!!!!!!! but anywayz?”

  2. caladri

    NASA sent me email with the subject line “What’s wrong with the Sun?” and I panicked a little.

    Me too.

  3. sooz

    haha super villain kid haha will i see you tooonight?

  4. rroseselavyoui

    Dude – I JUST stumbled upon that Super Villain photo and loled!
    I hate all IPAs and love all artichokes! You should see the giant jar of ’em in our fridge!

    We have acceptable weather here, too – supposed to rain tonight. Whaa?

  5. mcpino

    8. —-> YES!

  6. elserracho

    w/r/t item #2

    Agreed, Full Sail’s IPA is not that great, but Port’s IPA and their Hop 15 are both, in fact, that great indeed.

  7. handstil


    1. eyeteeth

      I thought that too but I had the DECENCY not to say it!!!

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