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  3. anaisdjuna

    Shame on you for scarin’ folks like that!!!!!!!


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  6. fattmike

    So, class,

    Our lesson for today is that it’s still cheaper to drink 3 gallons of the Supreme blend of Exxon sludge than a 24 pack of Bud.

    The even better news is that you will probably only have to do this once in a lifetime for the full effect.

    1. coffeechica
      1. fattmike

        Werd :D

  7. gillen

    Bravo! There’s very few good Nebuchadnezzar jokes going around these days.

  8. stimps


  9. hoyvenmayven

    HA! LOVE IT!

  10. zeppo

    Nobody hardly ever make jokes in Aramaic anymore…

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