8 responses to “Hard times come again no more”

  1. taskboy3000


    That’s unspeakably awful. It’s no gospel music, that’s for true.

  2. comandanteagi

    is one required to keep their eyes shut while singing this style of music?

  3. wrecking__ball

    While there’s something entirely too precious about Rufus singing with his eyes closed, the choir-geek in me loves the close harmony on the chorus, and the spare instrumentation. I love singing this kind of multi-part a-cappella-ish stuff, even if no-one else likes listening

    1. kasheri

      As a fellow choir-geek, I must concur.

      I am occassionally invited by other chorus members to go and hear chorale singing. I always decline. I love singing the stuff, but I can’t pretend that spending 3 hours listening to a mass or other choir-eclectica is really on my list of big fun.

  4. corixidae

    I like Eastmountainsouth’s version from their 2003 self-titled (and only) album.

  5. tuliphead

    i liked this a lot, but i’m mostly deaf, so what do i know. :)

  6. catamorphism

    I like Laura Love’s version on “You Ain’t Got No Easter Clothes”, and I like this one too (I’ve been a fan of the McGarrigles since forever), but I’m not a cool kid, so what do I know.

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