4 responses to “In other ludicrous military scooter news”

  1. llamech

    Almost as good as RIOT COPS ON SEGWAYS

    Because the 2008 Olympics will actually take place in Terry Gilliam’s _Brazil_:


    Click thru their photo gallery for big laffs: a terrorist “mob” and an anti-terrorist flamethrower.

  2. tea_cantata

    An ex of mine is from Sarnia, I’ll have to ask him what he’s heard about this thing.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, this guy is the only thing defending us from Cy-Kill and Cop-Turr when Leader-1 is occupied.

  4. detcarguy

    It seems somewhere between clever out of the box thinking for our crowded world and some really funny prop for a made for TV SciFi movie??? I can’t decide…..

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