13 responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. vanmojo

    Thanks again… that was teh_qewlist!!!1121q11QQ!!

    And yeah… the people watching was outstanding… I am going to have nightmares about that platinum blonde SigueSigueSputnik escapee…

    mojo sends

    1. miss_geek

      seriously some of the best people watching i’ve had in a long time.

      and remember when i said i thought i recognized that one dude from my lj? he posted about being there, it was him. now i feel like a weird stalker. HA.

  2. turnip

    I kneau, rite

    GREAT DATE. I think the table behind us was slowly WITHERING in envy.
    Thanks again for coming out to see us.
    Next time, we should catch Cinnamon Inferno’s show.

  3. handstil

    you shoulda snapped a photo of my doppleganger!

    This weather is ridiculously perfect.

  4. tea_cantata

    Oh – I think one of my music history profs way-back-when recommended that restaurant to a few of us students, but I for one never got ’round to going. We tried very hard not to giggle when he referred to it as the Pectopah, though; we just didn’t have the heart to correct him.

  5. momokeen

    hey, thanks for adding me. i’m not sure exactly when (or why), but it gave me warm fuzzies. huzzah!

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