7 responses to “SCIENCE!! at the Natural History Museum”

  1. cataptromancer

    Holy crap — the mountain goats playing in a science museum is like the most fitting combination in the world!

  2. vanmojo

    That sounds like a lot of fun… I would be interested in doing that.

    mojo sends

  3. trinnit

    Are you sure it’s not real goats?

  4. salome_st_john

    I am innerested, and very. But I have a meeting that afternoon so I don’t know what my schedule will be like. What time are you gonna go up to LA?

  5. miss_geek

    yes please.

  6. sooz

    i totally want to go, but have an event that night :(((((

  7. dreamyshade

    oh, i want to go! too bad i won’t be home from school yet. *shakes fist at universe*

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