10 responses to “No on 98: Remember on June 3”

  1. superlaundrette

    i plan to VOTE NO ON EVERYTHING. the initiative system is total garbage….

    1. gmccarga

      Well, at the risk of sounding like Charlton Heston, the problem isn’t the guns killing democracy, it’s the triggermen. The initiative process has always been a way to air legitimate issues, as well as being a forum for wingnuts and snake-oil salesmen. When women got the vote in Montana, Oregon and California, at least, it was by initiative, not by an act of enlightened legislators. The Progressives took that ball and ran with it for almost two generations, and they got a lot of good stuff done.

      I think the real problem is that we’ve lost our Jeanette Rankins, and Bob la Follettes, and oozing in to take their place, wankers like Howard Jarvis. The reactionaries, opportunists, and realtors are a hell of a lot better organized now, the way the Progressives used to be.

  2. trinnit

    Coming soon..the Bonaire Way Starbucks/Best Buy

  3. snuh

    Saw the other post, will definitely be passing this on, since I’d be affected by it.

  4. fweebles

    I didn’t know whether to leave this comment on this entry or the one you linked to, since it’s primarily about things that you raised in your other entry, but anyways.

    It sounds like California is still stuck in the hell that we in Ontario suffered through for 8 years, but managed to drag ourselves out of a few years ago. I’m going to link to Wikipedia not because it’s the be-all and end-all of human knowledge, but because that particular article happens to accurately represent the situation as I understand it. :)

    I was in high-school at the time, and I experienced many of the same types of “cost-cutting” measures: arts and music down the toilet, crises in health-care, highways getting built and then sold to private corporations (who, incidentally, now have the highest tolls of any highway in North America), and so on.

    Glad we got out of that one, but the effects are still noticeable around here 6 years later. (Ed: I have no idea where “almost 10” came from, heh.)

  5. threepunchstuff

    I just voted no and so did my father. Thanks permanent absentee ballots.

  6. gmccarga

    Yes and Yes.

    At least here in Oregon, one of the continual scandals (fill in the blanks depending on the year) is signatures. Who’s gathered them, which paid signature gathering organization is the most brazenly corrupt this year, etc, etc.

    That shit, at least, should be legislatively fixed by now. I’m all in favor of just banning paid signature gatherers entirely, and see how fast the hard right “grass roots” movements wither. If there’s one arena where the lefties still seem to have an edge, it’s achingly-earnest well-scrubbed young people circulating petitions.

    We’ll see.

    Good luck to y’all tomorrow.

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