10 responses to “We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now: Powering the Internet Isn’t So Green”

  1. snuh
  2. elserracho

    i refuse to google it.

    i’m getting old, the mind fails me fairly often. what. the. heck. song. is. that?

    1. elserracho

      Re: i refuse to google it.


  3. hepkitten

    i told regulate that fkn vmware has to LATCH ON to this current ecocrisis like EnergyStar did in the 90s. VIRTUALIZATION IS GREEN!

  4. rozezz


  5. eyeteeth

    Someone should figure out how much energy is wasted by people blogging about stupid shit like turning your lights off for an hour.

    1. caladri

      If we all buy our gas from Arco for a week it will bring prices down to where they were in 1997 because it’s the companies, not the futures traders or OPEC, driving up the prices. Their bottom line will be damaged unless they sell gasoline to us at a loss.

      Also, Ted Williams’ head is buried next to Walt Disney in carbonite. PASS IT ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS OR YOU WON’T GET LAID TONIGHT.

  6. trinnit

    See the bicycle pedals under your desk…its our green power source.

  7. drieuxster

    and the trade off???

    How many tonnes of carbon is not being created because people really telecommute from home, rather than getting into the commute to do their work.

    So we agree that generating electicity is a factor, there are other portions of that issue that need to be taken in as a part of the overall problem space.

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