10 responses to “a day at klikitak’s house”

  1. love_oil

    that first dog looks like my guinea pig

  2. jpeace

    Why is there a tent in the pool?

  3. Anonymous

    3 dogs 3. Cupcakes.


  4. turnip

    I wonder if I could balance that many satellite dishes on my birdhouse. or someone else’s.

  5. rozezz

    i heart fathead

  6. klikitak

    Awesome! Check out the giant tent that just collapsed into the pool in the last picture. That happened about a month ago. They either haven’t noticed or don’t care. I’m going with the latter.

    How sad is the satellite conglomerate! WHY THREE? Isn’t one sufficient for rotting your brain? Their poor dog is probably radioactive. Next time I see him hovering in the alley, I’m texting you.

  7. klikitak

    Also in background

    Cart full of 1,000 year eggs. Blech!

  8. kasheri

    I adore bull dogs. They are such big ol’ silly sweeties!

    The neighbor’s backyard is a testament as to why I fear ever owning a pool. I would be the horrible neighbor who looks out into her backyard and thinks, “The tent has blown into the pool. Huh.” I’d mean to fish it out, and then I’d just sort of get used to it.

  9. daisyhunter

    I want the cheehoohoo/terrier mix

  10. besskeloid

    2 non-stupid dogs! 2 non-stupid dogs!

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