10 responses to “fan letter sent to portbrewing.com just now”

  1. troymccluresf

    Shit, I’m sold!

  2. salome_st_john

    you are the smartest best genius ever

  3. pauldeman2pt0

    But did you actually send it to them in ALL CAPS?

  4. tea_cantata

    Hope you get an equally marvellous reply!

  5. Anonymous

    I sent a similar e-mail to Victory after having two 25.4 oz bottles of their brews: Golden Monkey Tripel (9.5% abv) and V-12 (somewhere in between a saison and a barleywine, 12%).

  6. Anonymous

    i’m beginning to like you more and more sub. that there is a mighty fine beer. they also make a pretty good pie, every been to pizza port? good times. if you’re there and they have it, try the black IPA. perhaps we should get together for a beer one of these days.

  7. elserracho

    i’m a retard

    apparently i just posted anonymously. i’m a bit of an idiot.

  8. hotelsamurai

    I assume you already know this, but… hops and cannabis are closely related, as are their aromatic alkaloids.

    One who HAS enjoyed many an illegal drug

    PS. I googled “secret grass” but a quick search didn’t fturn up any mention of the project whereby hops and cannabis were grafted to grow stealth weed. I think it’s apocryphal anyhow.

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