12 responses to “I was going to complain all about my day but instead”

  1. cascadefailure


  2. manoman

    grilled peanut butter sandwich

    1. nosrialleon

      Really, I think any combination of “grilled” and “sandwich” are going to work here…

    2. dreamyshade

      four words, you lose

  3. hammaboo


  4. odradak

    Gimme the grilled cheese.

  5. coffeechica

    The all-natural over-the-counter anti-depressant. With no side effects but crumbs.

  6. sooz

    So jealous, mine ended with me napping for an hour at 8 :p

  7. sveltelife

    I had one of those today for dinner.

    It’s my fourth one this week.

  8. sakkaranoush

    Please put in mail. Yum yum.

  9. feisty_robot

    Three more simple little words

    Monkeys with slingshots

  10. kasheri

    made me one last night when I got home from a business trip. Grilled Cheese Sandwich + Own Home = Comfort Supreme

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