9 responses to “Basically,”

  1. sakkaranoush


    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. : (

  2. kasheri

    Yeah, you don’t have an unkillable bacterium, but things don’t have to be horrible to still be extremely aggravating. Don’t begrudge yourself a good stream of invective. Counting your blessings is important, but you know, fuckedy-fuck-fuck-FUCK to waking up with absurd pain.

  3. daisyhunter

    I’m sure bob will teach you a few more ways to swear :D

  4. besskeloid

    Icebag-shaped thoughts heading your way, and another FVCK for good measure.

  5. threepunchstuff

    Bro your shoulders can be real assholes bro.

  6. wrecking__ball

    You have my complete and total sympathy, because I too am suffering from some kind of screaming-shoulder-death, which seems hellbent on killing me with spasms of blinding pain/lack of sleep/advil-overdose. Please let me know if you find a treatment for S.S.D, and I’ll do the same. Hope you feel much better soon.

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