6 responses to “Clang and Beep: My old and new deliveries”

  1. trinnit

    I was just saying I think our tin cookware, conducts heat too well and retains none.

  2. annie_r

    are you planning on making miniature food?

  3. eris_devotee

    I have a 20″ lodge and I use it almost every day. I’d love to have that small one… oh yeah.

    1. stimps

      I managed to get a set of 3 pans of different sizes , and then ended up buying a dutch oven, too. I love me my cast iron. =)

  4. stimps

    “Honey, why are you listening to the scrambled eggs?”

  5. frozenrhino

    Remember: You can tune a piano. But you can’t tuna fish.

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