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  1. catamorphism

    Send me a postcard.

  2. loose_joints


  3. frozenrhino


    But the dollar is holding up very nicely in Argentina, Bali and VietNam, so consider those also.

    1. mercyorbemoaned

      Bali is wonderful.

  4. pilarcruz


  5. switchstatement
  6. gcrumb

    From the list, Berlin or Buenos Aires, and not only for alphabetical reasons.

    Other places to consider:

    – Vienna. Seeing the remnants of the Hapsburg era declining gracefully and almost tragically into the present day was fascinating to me in the 1980s. I don’t know whether it still feels the same, but I’m inclined to believe it does. Also interesting would be side-trips to Belgrade, Budapest, Sarajevo, etc. All of the above have brilliant intellectual/hip scenes.

    – Melbourne. Best city in Australia, by all accounts. Real culture and the right size for exploration.

    – New Zealand. See a dozen different ecosystems in a day, drink great beer, and meet really ‘real’ people.

    – Port Vila. 8^) Absolutely the right kind of nothing to do. (Okay, there are a number of cities in the developing world that would likely prove well worth the visit. Smaller ones are just easier to take in….)

  7. cascadefailure

    I’m a fan of Paris, but Craig and I have, lately, been investigating our travel options. I had someone recommend Florence. We’ve also considered Spain and Holland…and Tahiti (but I don’t think that is necessarily a good option for you).

  8. yoscott

    “14 hours later I was down in Adelaide
    looking through want ads sipping Fosters in the shade…”


    1. baconmeteor

      Like Canada with kangaroos!

    2. eyeteeth

      I’ll see you in the next life, wake me up for meals.

  9. fweebles

    We had so much more fun in Berlin than Paris. Fewer annoying people, better transit, more affordable, and (in our opinion) more fun!

    I haven’t been to any of the other cities on your list.

  10. handstil

    +Berlin School of Electronic Music!
    +Tons of really weird art!
    +Lots of historical shit
    +What’s left of the pre-war architecture…

    -The food. WTF do they eat in Berlin?

    1. gmccarga

      Currywurst is about the only really indigenous specialty. Go to Konopke’s, just off the U2, on Eberswalder Strasse.

      Most of the Turkish food you’ll find anywhere is good, but ignore most of the “ethnic” food, which will be a sad under-spiced cousin of the real thing.

      The beer of Berlin is generic lager, but you can find imports from the rest of Germany or Europe without too much trouble. You can drink on the street, which is a substantial savings of time.

  11. sooz

    i second prague or budapest.

  12. dr_strych9

    p1. Europe: Stay the hell away from godforsaken London. Berlin is a very good idea. I liked Berlin. 2nd on Melbourne above.

    p2. Stay the hell away from fecking Sydney, and I’ll kill you myself if you even think of going anywhere in Queensland.

    p3. The city in Asia I most want to visit now is Mumbai, with Seoul as a close second. I wouldn’t mind visiting Japan again, but I’ve had enough of Tokyo, thanks. I haven’t seen Honk Kong since before the lease ended. It was better than Singapore in those days, but I’m not sure I want to see what it’s turned into— for that, I’d just go to Shanghai. Or Mordor, but I digress.

    p4. Before you visit any of the islands in the Pacific, ask me first. I’ve probably been there, and there are only two or three places I ever want to see again. None of them are Hawaii.

  13. dr_strych9

    Alternatively, you could Visit Port Watson!

    1. gcrumb

      Heh, cute. Port Vila’s a lot like that, except that the banks just keep the money for themselves. Sharing just doesn’t seem to come naturally to a certain kind of people.

  14. baconmeteor


  15. yoscott

    or if you are feeling real adventurous and have extra money…

    Dubai could be interesting…

    1. baconmeteor

      Dubai to me sounds like a hotter and more soul-crushing Las Vegas. Probably worth waiting at least until the “who can build the tallest vanity tower” race is over.

  16. torgo_x


    Buenos Aires? (Steak three meals a day.)

    Cuba? (Achingly photogenic, and it’ll be all very different in ten years)


    Lebanon. (Food. Food. Food. Food. Food.)

    Get your shots starting now.

  17. besskeloid

    I wish one day you could HIT THE NORTH.

  18. stimps

    Erm um… Osaka, home of many wonderful street foods. Takoyaaaki!!! London, because I could live in their museums for the rest of my life. I would also agree with Prague, because of the massive amount of public art work there — some of it is collapsing, so it would be great to see it. Apparently the subways are filled with Mucha. Very odd.

    I also vote for a vancouver visit sometime. =) Vij’s beckons…

  19. kasheri

    You will travel to Hong Kong. There you will meet a sad, yet funny woman a good foot shorter than you. She will offer you tea, and laugh at your coffee addiction. You will feed each other dim sum and talk of many things, because even though her English is spotty at best, she also knows a little French. Working to communicate will some how make it easier to say what you really mean.

  20. porcinea

    Paris was made for you, man! Sit around outside smoking, drinking coffee (and then later getting stinking drunk on calvados), and making snarky comments about passersby.

  21. comandanteagi

    Yeah, your dollar will go very far in Buenos Aires. But if you’re heading south I’d recommend going after October, unless you want some cold wintery weather. The Malbec is fantastic down there.

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