14 responses to “Husker Du”

  1. hepkitten

    that is how i feel about crimpshrine. the production values are SO BAD. it sounds like it was recorded in a dumpster in the ocean. but they are still SO FKN GOOD even thru the bad recording.

  2. auntiesiannan

    Is that Harvey Pekar in your icon?

  3. iamthesky

    my guitar player is a huge fan and turned me on to them

  4. gordonzola

    I was surprised when I saw Grant Hart solo a few years back how great those old songs sounded with just a guitar. It made me incredibly happy.

  5. godforesaken

    “pink turns to blue” won me over to them at too early an age. grant hart’s ‘stache has steadily held my interest, too.

  6. hotelsamurai

    I need to give them another listen. I always found them technically interesting… Have you heard Bob Mould’s “Workbook”? I just found out about it and it’s on my short list of records to check out.

    1. tuliphead

      “Workbook” is one of my alltime favorite records. It’s an amazing piece of work and always takes me back to my college years. It’s not a lot like Husker Du but it is an incredible solo album. Bob Mould kicks ass.

  7. handstil

    Many many happy memories of Husker Du and Sugar, too.

  8. stimps

    Emotion, whee! Yeah, I always feel great when I listen to them. Bands that are able to really exert themselves make me so happy. =)

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