29 responses to “Crappe.”

  1. nicholasjamesb

    as usual I had to work this Crapmas and missed the traditional passing of the Crapmas Gourd…

  2. miss_geek

    happy crapmas dude, happy crapmas.

  3. baconmeteor

    Handing you a dixie cup of non-alcoholic sugar-free Egg Beaters nog

    1. judgefudge

      stevia candy canes, etc.

  4. nosrialleon

    Hear, hear!

  5. sp0rk0

    Can we please make this a national holiday? The stupid middle west also has crappy crap. Thanks.

  6. skepticle


  7. dr_strych9

    I intend to filibuster this bill unless three whores and an ounce of Humboldt north-slope are delivered to my office on or before midnight tonight.

  8. threepunchstuff

    No way is Arizona going to recognize this.

  9. sveltelife

    Nay. This is my friend’s birthday. I think it’s a good day.

  10. Anonymous

    Although the idea is good I object to the date being referred to as:

    “ON THIS fifteenth day of the month of April, in the year of our Lord Two Thousand Eight, “

    Since referring to it as the “year of our lord” I would have ask which lord, there is a whole bunch of the them in England for instance.

    I you are referring to the Christ kid he was born about 2012 years ago not 2008.

    The accepted way to designate dates CE or common era which did start some 2008 years ago, and as far as I know no lords were involved.

    1. zebulon_y

      have you ever even *seen* a book

      1. fimmtiu


    2. hepkitten

      do you understand that wikipedia arguments are a privilege not a right?

    3. auntiesiannan


    4. judgefudge

      troll too obvious try again

    5. mcpino

      CRAPLORD, that’s who!

  11. hepkitten

    [This comment has been removed due to legal action by the Church of Scientology]

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