26 responses to “Hey everybody! MEASLES PARTY!!!”

  1. __procession

    all aboard the train to antiquated diseases!


    1. eyeteeth

      Change here for dropsy, vapors, and the king’s evil!

  2. judgefudge


  3. nosrialleon

    I won’t be happy until polio walks hobbles around the Earth again…

    1. jonpants

      I’d like to see a version of American Gladiators where everyone has either rickets or polio.

      1. handstil

        Thanks to the new chicken pox vaccine, your kids might be able to experience rickets! How exciting!

  4. blulibrarian

    Yup, we have four cases over here in Milwaukee County. Three of them were babies at the same day care. Fun stuff.

  5. brianenigma

    no vaccine + death = Darwin at work

    Oh, except there’s no such thing as evolution, right? So it must be part of the intelligent design at work.

    1. switchstatement

      i agree! there should be no vaccines at all. let nature eat the weak! in but five generations we will realize the uber mensch and probably be able to fly to the moon. also, puberty should mean a trip to the gladiatorial pits.

  6. handstil

    A bunch of the kids that got the measles were actually vaccinated though. :( Vaccines have a pretty decent failure rate, not surprisingly.

  7. catamorphism

    There’s a measles party in my pants, and everyone is invited.

    Oh wait, that’s not measles.

  8. handstil

    I want to respond to each and every comment on this post. The comments make me sad because they are not educated or made by people who actually have to consider the alternatives. I’ve read this subject so far and deep and wide. I would never, ever, put my kids at risk before researching every study available.

    I think my anger here comes from the idea that people who don’t vaccinate are the uneducated folks. Personally, I see that there is a mix of people on both sides of the fence. Lots of parents blindly injecting their kids with poison and disease without considering options, people who make educated decisions one way or the other, and then idiots who just don’t “do” medical interventions of any kind. I would never say that either is right or wrong, but that you have to do what is best for your child, after much research and heart searching.

    My fear of vaccination is based on the opinions of medical professionals and science. I do not believe so much in the “facts” provided to me by studies conducted by pharamceutical companies. The information is buried, and it’s a challenge to figure out what is truth and what is (this is a scientific term I learned) HOOPLA.

    Babies have reactions to vaccines and they die. Far more than is reported, and far more than the measles will kill. I promise.

    1. jakeinhartsel

      Well said!

    2. cascadianista

      “Babies have reactions to vaccines and they die. Far more than is reported, and far more than the measles will kill. I promise.”

      So what do I get in compensation for you being wrong? A plague-infected cookie?

      1. handstil


  9. gynocide

    That’s because OMG VACCINATIONS MIGHT GIVE LITTLE TIMMY AUTISM and OMG EVERYONE HAS AUTISM NOW. It has nothing to do with the fact that people don’t speak to or read to or play with their kids and merely park their asses in front of the tv and video games. It’s the vaccinations. Really.

  10. hebisner

    On the autism issue, the claim that therimisol was behind a rise in autism was proved to be not true. In no small measure because after they stopped using it, autism rates still increased. There is no relationship between them. Also, I don’t know what “causes” autism, but I sincerely doubt it’s television or lack of attention paid to your kids. I know families with autistic kids that were very attentive and eschewed the television.

    Vaccines are simply the best defense against the spread of a wide range of terrible diseases. I don’t know what the risk factor for vaccines is, but I do know how diseases like Polio and measles were scourges that had to be stamped out. And they were, with vaccines. That isn’t to downplay any potential negative side effects, but I certainly don’t want to see an outbreak of Polio, that’s for sure.

  11. dr_strych9

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