15 responses to “ATTENTION CALIFORNIA VOTERS: No on 98”

  1. fweebles

    I don’t know much about California property laws, but that don’t look right to me either.

    What also bothers me is the increasingly prevalent tendency to label people who are “bad guys” as terrorists. I’m not a supporter of people who rob banks, but bank robbers are not terrorists. Terrorists do what they do to scare the ever-loving shit out of people so they can’t function and then will accede to some list of demands; sort of a hostage-taking on a grand scale. Bank robbers really just want your money and are quite happy to leave you alone once they’ve gotten away with it.

    Labelling political opponents as terrorists is really taking it to the next level. How, exactly, is Mrs. Lumpkin in 3B who enjoys her rent-controlled apartment to be compared with the Baader-Meinhof or ETA?

  2. odradak

    How the hell something like that could manage to get on your ballot gives me the brain worms.

  3. dr_strych9

    Also, if you kill Rent Control, you will be killing San Francisco— yes, the whole city— grinding up its corpse, and using it to make Sausage McDisney BurgerLord Hell™.

    Now, some of you reading this in SoCal will shed no tears about that, but think carefully: do you really want a bunch of disaffected San Francisco eviction refugees descending on your carefully tended SoCal lifestyles? Can you really stand that many Trotskyists in your neighborhoods? Trust me, SoCal— you really, really, REALLY want to keep San Francisco the way it is— it’s for your own good. You will not like what will happen if you fuck with The System.

  4. crucially

    Uhm, in what way is rent control good?

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