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  1. salome_st_john


  2. amicablebitch

    i’m glad to see there are carrots in an authentic sauce.

    my stripper-in-law claims that spaghetti sauce shouldn’t have carrots. she says carrots are apparently something you put in when you don’t have anything else to put in. she of course directed this comment at my mother’s spaghetti sauce, which has carrots in it (and is a very old recipe that she got from someone else). now i can be like “well, ACTUALLY…”

    i really didn’t care one way or another about the carrots, they never bothered me. but i don’t take well to her acting like my mother’s spaghetti sauce is SO wrong, and acting like that reflects badly on my mother (when it wasn’t even her recipe). and just in general she always acts like she’s an expert on everything, when she’s actually pretty dumb about everything.

    that’s of course more information than you care to know.

    1. eris_devotee

      wow, your stripper-in-law is a n00b. There are as many ways to make pasta gravy as there are towns in Italy.

      1. amicablebitch

        yeah. i’ll never understand how someone who failed out of college somehow determined they were an expert on everything.

  3. hotelsamurai

    I like the idea of carrots as a sweetener. I have had sauces that needed to be sweeter, but I can’t bring myself to use sugar.

    I have a friend, Guy, who swears unsweetened bakers’ chocolate is just the thing to give depth and velvetiness to tomato sauce. I haven’t tried it myself, though. Further research is needed.

    1. stimps

      I use a plonk of chocolate in chili usually… either a cut up chunk or some really fine fine drinking chocolate. Mmmmm.

  4. stimps

    This sounds greatttttttt. The way I usually sweeten things up is to cook the onions low and long, with a little balsamic vinegar. Mmmmm. Caramelly!

  5. threepunchstuff

    The lead character in Half Nelson used carrots in the spaghetti sauce for his dinner date. This was where I first saw this done. Later he tried to rape the woman.

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