10 responses to “The Professor: an Academic Tragedy”

  1. ofmonsters

    You had me at “Uncle Substitute.”

  2. la_lisa

    Last year a USC professor was severely penalized for obtaining the names of the peers on his review committee for NIH grant funding and then intimidating a junior member of the review board to give him a higher score. The junior member complained to the head of the review board..and well, the professor lost all his NIH funding for ever and ever, which also affected his other funding streams and without funding, well… So his grant money is now going elsewhere and his peers have learned a lesson in how not to behave. Even if you did once have a Big Discovery.

    FROM LATIMES: Interviews and records show that a research grant proposal by USC professor W. Martin Kast was disallowed after his alleged lobbying efforts were disclosed by the chief of peer review panelists looking into prostate cancer research proposals.

  3. nightynight

    Good Christ. I was seriously expecting to read that he’d taken a shit on the office floor. I would not put this past any angry academic. Those guys are fucking scary.

    Hmm. In Canada, see: Valery Fabrikant and anyone who publishes him. Fuckers.


    1. nightynight

      Fuck also his guilty ex-colleagues for making his damned accusations TRUE. GOD.

  4. judgefudge

    Christ, what an asshole.

  5. dr_strych9

    See, this is why it’s important to keep in mind the difference between the New York Times Book Review and the New York Review Of Books. One of them is an organ dedicated to the review of books. The other is an avenue for the hatcheting of authors.

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