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  1. snuh

    Lee Abrams, the man that almost single-handedly destroyed listenable radio is the “Tribune’s new innovation chief”? Let’s hope he doesn’t do to newspapers what he did to pop music.

    I’m not able to post about Hillary without shrinking my flist, but this is too good:


  2. nebris
  3. klikitak

    “I was already over 30 but I cheated.” LOLZ>

    Looks like what you need is this, stud:


    1. handstil

      Rebel! hhaahhaahah
      there’s always Air. No really, who wants to smell like air? It’ll cost you $35.


      Best scent description evar, too.

      1. klikitak

        This masculine scent posesses a blend of: It is recommended for wear.”

        Uh. MMMMMMM?

  4. planetdracula

    holy fuck where to even being with that Abrams memo, that is about the funniest thing ever

    1. planetdracula


  5. eyeteeth

    Abrams stole journalism from black people.

  6. srl

    The back-entries on TPMBlog led me to this lovely story about Your Tax Dollars At Work:


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