12 responses to “We got a white sale on smoke damaged furniture you can drive it away”

  1. salome_st_john

    Get away from me kid, you’re bothering me

  2. gths

    For connoisseurs of pounding hangovers!

  3. trinnit

    I always buy the flying cows…it’s the art work

  4. turnip

    not really related!

    You were in a dream I had last night. All I remember is you walking with a clique of coolies, beckoning me to join you. It was pretty rad.

  5. handstil

    wow, all label designers fired, effective immediately.

  6. sp0rk0

    We’re going out of business, we’ll give you the business, get on the business end of our going out of business sale…

  7. feisty_robot

    One two three four, I declare a cocktail war! What drinkable cocktail can you make out of these misfit liquors? I can’t read the labels well, but it seems you could make a “Brave Bull” (Tequila and coffee liqueur, twist of lemon), a spicy Lemondrop (using the Redcliff as spiced rum) and perhaps something with the coconut liqueur (what, “rum” is too middlebrow for ya?) and the Caffee Sport thingy that might not be bad.

    Whatcha got?

  8. eyeteeth

    Vanity Vodka, Bounty Hunter

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